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Crackdown on Misclassifying Employees as Independent Contractors

Hands That Are In Handcuffs

The Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service are both cracking down on the misuse and misclassification of employees as independent contractors (W-2 vs. 1099).   Following is an article written by B2B CFO® partner, Roger Kohl.

Classifying employees as independent contractors is a hot button with The Department of Labor (DOL).

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6 Classic Ways to Crash Your Company (from

Totaled Car In Crash On The Roadside

There are many different ways to unknowingly hurt or sabotage you company. Following is an excerpt of an article by Kimberly Weisul from (read the entire article).

Every fast-growth company eventually runs into at least one of these all-too-common obstacles. How you handle them can make the difference between success and high-speed smashup.

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