World’s Simplest Management Secret

Keep It Simple Stupid

Here is a blog written by B2B CFO® partner Ray Rucksdashel.  I think it’s worth sharing. Whether you manage 2 people or 2,000 people; whether you manage clerical types or you manage senior-level managers, the challenge is the same – how do you motivate the people that report to you (your “direct reports”) to do what you need when you need… Read more »

Employee Turnover – Problem or not?

Worry Pretends To Be Necessary

Not worried about losing your best employees? You should be. The economy is still fragile in some areas. Unemployment is still high. You have no concerns that your employees will leave you. And if they do happen to leave, it will be no problem whatsoever to replace them. That seems to be the consensus according… Read more »

Managing Insurance Costs

Scrabble Spend On Top Of Dollar Bills

Every business needs to be covered by various forms of insurance. However, it’s often misunderstood that small companies do not face the same exposures and risks, and therefore do not generally require certain forms of insurance. This is not necessarily true. In fact, a small company will have a far more difficult time recovering from… Read more »

10 Reasons Your Top Talent Will Leave You

Ten reasons your top talent may quit

A recent article from discussed some of the big reasons that top employees leave. Following are excerpts from the article: Have you ever noticed leaders spend a lot of time talking about talent, only to make the same mistakes over and over again? Unexpected departures of key staff can be very costly and disruptive. Ask… Read more »

When Should a Small Business Hire a Financial Chief? (from the New York Times)

Old Man Sitting Under Question Mark

This blog deals with some of the major issues that small, growing businesses may confront.  An article from the New York Times provides a good summary of the complex issues small businesses may face. The article defines a number of tipping points that confront companies as they grow. But the primary issue was summarized by one business… Read more »

The note-app winner (according to PC World)

Hand Holding Smart Phone

One of my favorite organizing tools, Evernote, is compared against two competitors, Google Keep and OneNote.  See what you think. Google Keep vs. OneNote vs. Evernote: We name the note-app winner: PC World Google shook things up last week when it dusted off its old Notebook service and relaunched it as Keep. Google’s new software… Read more »

Seven Principles for Avoiding Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Written On Chalkboard

Today, companies continue to face difficult times and, sometimes, difficult decisions. According to the American Bankruptcy Institute, more than 208,000 companies filed for bankruptcy between 2006 and 2010. The annual rate of bankruptcies nearly tripled during this time.   This number does not include businesses that have closed/ceased to exist or continue in business with some… Read more »

Fraud Checklist

Icon Of Clipboard With Checklist

Let’s face it – there are  too many instances of fraud in the workplace.  Many times after the fraud is exposed, the money is gone with no chance of getting it back.  Someone who steals usually isn’t someone who saves and invests. In the following list are suggestions that a business can do to protect… Read more »

Are your Financial Statements tied up in "nots"?

Are the following statements true and do they describe your financial statements? Not trusted by your bank, investors or other lenders Not prepared accurately Not understood by your accounting staff from an accounting, income tax, business and industry perspective Not issued in a timely manner each month Not reporting the amount you will owe the IRS and/or State on April… Read more »

Does Your Business Need A CFO?

Entrepreneurs and small business owners can have excellent skills at managing their companies, including financial matters, but as the company grows and becomes more complex, most will reach a point when they realize it is time to step back and allow the financial matters to be handled by an experienced and qualified CFO. That important… Read more »