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What does a CFO do?

Financial professionals working in companies may have different job titles depending on the firm and the industry.  Regardless of what the position is called, proper management of the financial area is critical for any organization. Anyone with access to the internet can look up a definition of what a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is.  According… Read more »

2016 Sales Tax Changes: What to Expect in the New Year

Sales Tax

If you’re interested in knowing if there are changes in Sales Tax laws starting in 2016, there are a number of them!  Gail Cole in her blog for Avalara ( tells you about them. Read the blog photo credit: State of Washington Tax Commission Sales Tax Token via photopin (license)

Award Winning Author and INC. Magazine’s Editor-at-Large Bo Burlingham to Keynote B2B CFO®’s Annual Meeting

Bo Burlingham

B2B CFO®, the nation’s largest CFO and Exit Strategies firm for privately held businesses, announced today that award winning author and Inc. Magazine’s Editor-at-Large, Bo Burlingham will keynote the National Partners Meeting to be held April 28-30, 2016. The invitation-only annual event that brings together all of B2B CFO®’s Partners from across the country along… Read more »

A Penny at a Time


Many business owners have seen that inefficiencies develop during times when the company is focused on sales growth versus cost containment.  Expenses, and the containment of them, become secondary as long as the products/services are delivered to the Customer.  Often, the first reaction to cutting costs is to cut payroll.  That’s not always the best… Read more »

Sales Tax NEXUS – What’s it about?

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By definition, nexus means a connection exists. The term nexus is used in tax law to describe a situation in which a business has a “nexus” or presence in a state and is thus subject to state income taxes and to sales taxes for sales within that state. What Determines Nexus?  Nexus is determined differently for income… Read more »

Want More Recurring Revenue in Your Business?

Word Scrabble For The Word Revenue

Recurring revenue should be the mantra of every business, large and small.  Dollars that come in every month without fail are what keeps a company going through difficult times. Big orders are great and you always want them, but a solid recurring revenue strategy is what sustains companies over the long haul. Cell phone contracts… Read more »

What Form Should Your Business Be (pt. 2)?

Flickr Pie Charts And Free Accounts

In my previous blog, I presented   In my September column , we looked at mistakes to avoid when forming a partnership. Many entrepreneurs, however, aren’t comfortable in remaining a sole entity and require a level of legal protection not afforded by a sole proprietorship. That leaves a corporation or LLC as the next most viable option… Read more »

What Form Should Your Business Be?

Flickr Pie Charts And Free Accounts

Basically, there are three forms that one can use to start a business:  a Sole Proprietor, a Partnership or a Corporation.  Of course,  there are variants to these forms. Brad Sugars wrote a couple of articles for Entrepeneur magazine about this. This blog is about Partnerships, my next blog is on Corporations. Avoid These 7 Partnership… Read more »

A Bookkeeping Program for Small Business

Bookkeeping programs

A bookkeeping program for small business is more than asking and answering the question “which software should I use?”  The accounting software is just the beginning of what a small, growing business needs to have in order to record the transactions, protect the interests of the owner(s) and help the business owner(s) achieve his/her goals. Here… Read more »