Exit Strategy – Stage Left or Stage Right?

There are far more choices in exiting a business than stage left or stage right. It is however, important to know your general direction.  This recent article in Entrepreneur magazine is a quick read and hits the highlights for pros/cons on selling in one of five ways. There may be some other options, ESOP comes to mind, but the critical idea is to understand what works for you.  Are you ready to leave the business completely behind? Is your team ready to take it to the next owner?  Did you maximize value in cash flow, asset value and goodwill?  The bottom line is, the best execution comes from a well thought out plan.  The plan takes time – you should really give yourself 2-3 years to plan properly.  But in the end, go with the plan that best defines your vision for a successful exit.


photo credit: Salida via photopin (license)


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